The Belko Experiment is finally hitting theaters on Friday, March 17, and what better way to celebrate its release before you go to theater than by watching the Lego version of the trailer.

Yes, you read that right, the popular building bricks are the focus of this humorous, but thrilling trailer about a corporate high rise where the employees must kill their co-workers or die themselves

The people at Huxley Berg Studios created the trailer, and if you have a sharp eye, you may find a few easter eggs hidden in the nearly three-minute clip.

Social media has taken a liking to the preview and many would like to see it become feature-length.

“I’ll never look at Lego’s the same way again” – Franina NinaPop Washington – Facebook

“Now I wish this was a Lego movie” – Ry Man – Facebook

“…this is cool and funny.” – Truman Nguyen – Facebook

After you watch the trailer below be sure to purchase you tickets HERE to bypass the lines at the box office.

The Belko Experiment trailer gets the LEGO treatment in this insane video, courtesy of Huxley Berg Studios. See Belko in theaters this Friday. #BelkoExperiment Get tickets now:

Posted by The Belko Experiment on Saturday, March 11, 2017

Orion Pictures presents The Belko Experiment in theaters on March 17, 2017.

Lakeshore Records will release The Belko Experiment – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally and on CD March 17, 2017.