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At last year’s The Game Awards, 10 Chambers Collective–a collection of developers who previously worked on the Payday franchise–unveiled a gameplay trailer for their survival horror passion project: GTFO.

During the week of E3, the developers sat down for interviews and released more gameplay footage to the public. Much like the Left 4 Dead series, along with PaydayBorderlandsEvolve, and Dead By Daylight, the game focuses on 4 player co-op, with likelihood of success increasing with players sticking together. 10 Chambers’ project is certainly a product of multiple influences in its construction.

GTFO game
Image via GameSpot YouTube

Players take on the role of 4 customizable prisoners, barely equipped, plunged deep underground by the orders of an organization called WARDEN. Your team’s goal: retrieve the requested items for your designated WARDEN.

While some may handle the retrieval portion of the task easily enough, players may find difficulty in navigating the complex of winding tunnels to make it out alive.

The undead infest the mines players have to navigate; they range from grunt level zombies to invisible hunters, and grotesque body horrors with tendrils that can drag a player away from their crew.

Image via GameSpot YouTube

Dust and spores riddle the air, proving difficult for your flashlights to try and fixate on enemies and consoles in right in front of you.

Supplies will be scarce, especially ammunition for powerful weaponry. Crews must explore each section of the level to obtain supplies to venture further down; however, teams can run the risk of embarking to areas infested with hordes of (what appear to be) fungal zombies.

Stealth is a crucial in these scenarios, and engaging the undead unprepared can assure players a swiftly failed mission.

GTFO game
Image via GameSpot YouTube

Some equipment players can expect to find are glue guns, heat lasers, and sentry turrets to brace entryways for a confrontation with a horde.

Zombies clamoring over top of each other, busting down enormous doors in dork corridors and attacking from the corners of the dark gives GTFO the image and general vibe of what the game Aliens: Colonial Marines was supposed to be.

GTFO game
Image via GameSpot YouTube

GTFO‘s setting is entirely underground, and the maps (levels) will be made using the Unity Engine to randomize the layouts (as opposed to the maps being randomly generated during the matchmaking).

Characters are customizable and can be made into special classes such as reconnaissance, equipment specialist (technician), medic, and tank.

As for the story, 10 Chambers Collective is taking cues from the Dark Souls series and leaving clues in the game’s levels for players to find in order to piece together the story’s entire narrative.

10 Chambers Collective’s developers do not plan for there to be any microtransactions and intend to continuously patch and update the game with issues brought up in the community.

They’re aiming for a release date later in 2018, but Ulf Andersson (creative director) explained to IGN that the process may take longer.

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