Funko’s line of vintage-style ReAction Figures has grown at an exponential rate this year, with recent releases like Jaws and Gremlins making the toys a must-collect for all horror fans. To date, most of the big icons have been immortalized in 3 3/4″ plastic, but Leatherface has sadly been left out in the cold.

Much to the delight of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans, the company announced today that the power saw-wielding maniac is getting his own ReAction Figure, set for release this coming November. Leatherface finally joins previously released icons including Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, and Pinhead.

Based on his appearance in the original 1974 classic, Leatherface is decked out in a blood-stained butcher’s apron, of course wearing his trademark mask of human skin. He comes equipped with his trusty chainsaw, and the card-back features an image of horror’s most terrifying family.

At the moment, Funko doesn’t appear to have any plans on expanding the Chain Saw ReAction series, though toys of characters like Sally, Franklin, The Hitchhiker and ‘Old Man’ would certainly be welcomed with open arms. So here’s hoping they someday see the benefit in making them.

You can pre-order the Leatherface ReAction Figure for just $9.99 through Entertainment Earth. Other Chainsaw toys coming out this year include an Ultimate Leatherface figure and even one based on the 1982 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Atari 2600 video game.

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