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Remember those wall cards in kindergarten that would stretch across the room and teach the ABC’s:  “A” is for apple, “B” is for boy, “C” is for cat, and so on?

Well, there is an artist who has taken that concept and given it a horror makeover. No longer is “X: just for X-ray or xylophone.

Over at Etsy we discovered the ABC’s of Bad-Assery by Drew Blank (we aren’t sure if that’s a joke), and I gotta say it’s never been more fun to get hooked on phonics.

Not only is there a chart with every letter displayed along with its horror counterpart, you can also buy individual squares and maybe spell out your name like I did:

If you’re not down with the more cartooney images above, click on over to Drew’s website where the pictures get more detail and the letters get cheeky alliterations,

Drew Blanks describes himself as an “arter” and a “writist” with a love for all things geeky. This passion is “inexpressed” through words and drawings which seem to direct his neurotransmitters to pop culture.

He also takes a longer form of expression through writing. His “Memoirs of an Antihero” is currently available in ancient book form, or the ether traveling magic of downloading.

But we at iHorror aren’t so impressed with his novel ideas as we are with his bite-sized editions.

Now we really do know our ABCs.

Now if we could only get him to do these in a “Speak and Spell.” The chainsaw goes “RRRRRRRrrrrrrr!”

For more information on Drew Blanks and his ABC’s of Bad-Assery click HERE, to visit his website click HERE.