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Layers of Fear 2 Trailer Unveils Horrors to Come

by Sam Angelo
Layers of Fear

Fans of narrative-driven horror game Layers of Fear will be excited to hear that developer Bloober Team’s Project Melies, teased on August 15th, has been revealed to be Layers of Fear 2! The sequel’s setting is a cruise ship, so it seems that whether you’re trapped in a mansion or stranded at sea, your fears will find you one way or another; isolated, with a myriad of supernatural happenings and events unfolding before you, while accompanied by a mysterious past to uncover, your fears will prove a burden to confront, layered and convoluted in their origins.

Project Melies

Image via Gun Media YouTube

Layers of Fear 2‘s trailer, titled The Reveal, teases a glimpse of the psychedelic hell players will encounter while navigating the ship, such as an out-of-place coffin set ablaze and ghastly hands encroaching through a narrow hall. Layers of Fear 2 has seemingly mutated into a sequel aimed to outdo its predecessor’s scenes of mind imploding terror.

Layers of Fear 2 hallway

Image via Gun Media YouTube

Unfortunately, no additional information has been given from Bloober Team or Gun Media (developers of Friday the 13th The Game) on the sequel’s story or new game mechanics. However, the trailer does reveal you’ll be playing as an actor, sticking with the theme of insane artists (taking on the role of a theatrical artist in contrast to an illustrative one). Through the enigmatic narration of the trailer, it’s conceivable that Layers of Fear 2 entails players traversing the ship to uncover the protagonist’s ominous past through scattered documents, and hints hidden with the architecture of the levels.

Bloober Team has proven they’re capable of compelling and unnerving narrative focused storytelling with their haunted house title Layers of Fear and their brain-warping sci-fi horror game ObserverLayers of Fear warranted attention from its impactful release by showing direct influences from first-person puzzle horror game P.T. combined with its haunting narrative and harrowing scares. Layers of Fear 2 will likely continue this legacy of frightening its player base with an intriguing plot and surreal horror..

Layers of Fear 2 coffin

Image via Gun Media YouTube

Developer Gun Media’s involvement with the recently announced Layers of Fear 2 comes shortly after the announcement that they will be one of two developers left to maintain online servers and bug patches for Friday the 13th The Game. For more information check out our article covering their decision to stay on board with the game.

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