The newest poster for Jigsaw has just been revealed and a familiar face is back.

Horror fans have come to learn there never really is a final chapter. The dark emissaries who haunt the stained halls of our nightmares have proven insistently tedious to kill, and even more treacherous to keep dead. Any horror license sporting the tag “Final” or “Last” anything is never a reason to fret.

As sure as the blood will flow, the horror will continue, as will our nightmares.

This is a great year to be a horror fan. With multiple returning faces – Chucky, Pennywise, Jason via video game format, to name just a few – 2017 is becoming somewhat of a resurgence in the field of fear. Among the pantheon of beloved fear-inducing icons we also have the long-awaited reappearing of Jigsaw.

For the past several movies the original man known as the Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer (Tobin Bell), has been dead, nevertheless his insidious master-plan of pitting ungrateful human lives to the ultimate tests of survival did not follow him to the grave. His mass influence lingered long after his mortal shell was vacated, filling much of the franchise to follow.

Along with his ongoing plot were eager disciples willing to follow in his blood-stained footsteps. So now, after all this time, who has taken up the tattered mantle of the late John Kramer?

It’s been seven years since we last had a Saw film, and that’s somewhat alarming. Alarming, because that means someone out there has had that long to prepare a new batch of hideous games to unleash upon the world. Are you excited yet?

Jigsaw will be the eighth installment in the internationally acclaimed franchise, and who knows who will be behind the pig-mask this time around?

Then again, judging by this latest poster Jigsaw promises to remember John Kramer. So how much of Tobin Bell’s villainous character will we get to see? Already fans are clamoring to find out.

Image courtesy of Dread Central

Jigsaw hit theaters October 27, 2017

Halloween will surely be one Hell of a time!