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‘Last Action Hero’ and ‘Batteries Not Included’s’ Frank McRae Dead at 80

by Trey Hilburn III

It’s terrible to report that the onscreen teddy bear that was Frank McRae has passed away at the age of 80-years-old. The James Bond alum was famous for his role as Sharkey in License to Kill. Of course, he was also know for being the trademark hot-headed chief of police in both Last Action Hero and Loaded Weapon 1. Both times, were satirical and hilarious roles that saw him as a police chief who would get so pissed that he would shoot smoke from his ears.

Every role that McRae played made it memorable. He worked on several films with Sylvester Stallone that included Rocky II, Paradise Alley and Lock Up. He also played the entirely wholesome role in the Stephen Spielberg produced, *Batteries Not Included.

Before McRae became an actor he played pro-ball in the NFL for both the Chicago Bears and the Los Angeles Rams.

Deadline reports that McRae leaves behind his son, Marcellus, daughter-in-law Suzanne, and his three grandchildren Camden, Jensen, and Holden.

They also report that donations can be made to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. McRae was an advocate of protecting Kenyan wildlife, with an emphasis on protecting and rehabilitating elephants.

McRae will be missed and remembered.

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