'The Meg' via Warner Bros. Entertainment

The Meg is sure to be one of the “biggest” (See what I did there?) summer blockbusters this year. Even with all of the Kaiju films coming out lately, The Meg’s marketing has managed to put emphasis on scale just a bit better than most.

We’ve compiled some of the terrifying images and artwork released thus far for this deep sea scare-fest. If these don’t make you rethink ever going back in open water, I don’t know what will. One thing is for sure, the film is definitely going to be worth the IMAX and 3D price of admission.

This chilling image originally posted by Empire showed Jason Statham coming face-to-face with the massive Meg in an underwater facility.

‘The Meg’ Warner Bros. Entertainment via IMDB

We got our first real human scale comparison in this image originally shared by EW.

‘The Meg’ – Warner Bros. Entertainment via EW

Warner Bros. released an official poster on Facebook giving us an even better look at the beast.

‘The Meg’ via Warner Bros. Entertainment

We then got this eerie poster where megalodon bears its teeth with a “loving” nod to Jaws. It seems man is at the bottom of the food chain in the ocean.

‘The Meg’ via Warner Bros. Entertainment

Empire shared this exclusive image a little over a week ago showing you’d have to be absolutely insane to go in the water with the monstrous shark.

‘The Meg’ – Warner Bros. Entertainment via Empire

A new international poster surfaced today on Reddit (The Reddit user does not credit the source, but it definitely keeps in the spirit of the marketing thus far). The poster has some serious Godzilla (Megzilla?) vibes with the enormous creature emerging from the depths of the ocean.

‘The Meg’ via Reddit

The Meg will sink its teeth into theaters on August 10, 2018. In the meantime, check out the official trailer right here, and be sure to check back for more news on this huge summer blockbuster!