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The beautiful brunette Heather Langenkamp star of A Nightmare on Elm Street, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare has demonstrated in the Elm Street franchise that she has both brains and beauty, this is what makes her an ultimate Scream Queen!  While other actresses of the genre may precede her on your list of female horror warriors, here are five reasons why Heather Langenkamp should clearly surpass them and move to the number one spot of horror legend, wearing the coveted bloody tiara of Scream Queen once and for all.

1, Nancy Thompson: Junior Investigator 

Nancy Thompson isn’t your average teenager in a horror film written into the script to add to the pile of bodies.  She may have started off as a sweet and innocent high school student, but she didn’t stay naive for long.  After the gruesome death of her best friend Tina she began to put the pieces together.  She saw a pattern as more of her friends began to die and she wouldn’t let her boyfriend or herself be next.  She investigated who this man with the claws for fingers was as she pried at her mother until she broke, telling her the story behind Fred Krueger.

2. She’s Into Survival

When faced with the very real threat of Krueger killing her in her sleep, Nancy realized she could not defeat Krueger by avoiding sleep.  No matter how much coffee she drank or how many ‘no doze’ pills she swallowed she would have to sleep eventually, and that is when Krueger would slip in to attack.  She had to formulate a plan to bring Krueger into her world so she could fight him on her own turf, on her own terms, and to her own advantage.  In preparation for the big showdown she rigged booby traps all over her house so once she did bring Krueger into the real world she would be able to fight him and win.

3. Helps Others

Even though Nancy defeated Krueger by taking away his power through no longer fearing him, a whole new generation of Elm Street children opened the door she thought she had closed forever.  Dedicating her life to psychology and sleep studies Nancy returned to Springwood to help these misguided youths who were being treated by doctors by conventional means that were not going to help them survive their dream demon.  She taught each of the remaining Elm Street children they all have a power inside of them to release in their dreams to help defeat the man with a burned face and a gloved hand with razor blades for fingers.


4. Selfless

Nancy Thompson is a very selfless character.  She is willing to risk her own life to save their lives of others in all three films.  Her main motivation was not just to beat Krueger to save her own skin, but also those who she cared about around her.  She knew if Krueger was gone he could not hurt the ones she loved.

5. She makes fighting Freddy look good!

Let’s face it, whether it’s Nightmare 1, 3, or New Nightmare, Heather Langenkamp looks cool, composed, and attractive while fighting Freddy.  Whether it’s in her bedroom in her pajamas or in his hellish domain covered in dirty water and being choked by Freddy’s tongue, Langenkamp is quite the hottie!


If none of these facts makes Heather Langenkamp the Scream Queen of your dreams, just remember she was Johnny Depp’s first on screen kiss!  Lucky girl!

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