Lady Gaga’s New Tattoo Will Go Great With Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti

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Lady Gaga has always steered herself in the general direction of the strange and unusual. From meat suits and “monster” fans to her role on American Horror Story, she’s also shown that she enjoys a good genre film with her appearances in Machete Kills and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. It’s no secret that Gaga enjoys a good tattoo (sorry Buffalo Bill), so we can all appreciate that she’s shared her newest ink on Instagram. It’s a familiar face for horror fans (and a gorgeous one at that!). Check it out!

Her big, bold new ink is a beautiful back piece.

The Deaths-Head Moth is an iconic symbol thanks to The Silence of the Lambs, and has made for a popular tattoo subject ever since. Even before seeing the film, I remember finding a VHS copy of The Silence of the Lambs when I was young and becoming a little bit obsessed with the image.

The original poster design uses Salvador Dali’s “Women Forming a Skull“, so we can’t say for sure that Gaga’s newest ink is a direct reference, but all the same, it’s a saucy, spooky work of art!

Of course, as the healing process goes for any new tattoo, she’ll definitely need lots of lotion from the basket.

So, do you think she made an intentional reference, or do you think it’s just a happy coincidence? Let us know in the comments!


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