Many pop stars have tried their hand at acting over the years, often to disastrous results. It’s hard to blame them for taking the risk though, as if their attempt to act sucks, they can always retreat back to the world of music.

Thankfully, that didn’t prove to be the case for Lady Gaga, who made her acting debut as mesmerizing vampire The Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel a couple years back. Gaga’s performance was widely praised by both fans and critics, and her presence injected a new spark into the veteran series.

Lady Gaga American Horror Story

Gaga returned – albeit in a much smaller role – for last year’s American Horror Story: Roanoke, as a powerful witch that stalked the woods outside the main house where all the carnage happened. Or at least she played her on the documentary show within a show. The story of season 6 was a bit…complex.

While Gaga hasn’t been mentioned publicly as participating in this fall’s AHS season 7, a recent tweet by AHS Leaks suggests that she might be involved in some fashion. Check it out below.

Before any fans get too excited about her coming back though, keep the following facts in mind. First off, neither FX or the AHS team has confirmed Gaga’s return.

Second, the pictured magazine article incorrectly identifies Gaga as having been in AHS seasons 1 and 2, instead of 5 and 6. It could just be a typo though, as her prior roles are identified correctly.

Lastly, Gaga has a world tour going on for much of the second half of 2017, which may make it hard for her to appear on AHS, depending on whether the season has finished filming or not by the time she heads out.

American Horror Story’s 2016 election-themed season 7 premieres on FX this fall. Thankfully, Trump and Clinton will not be portrayed by actors, as that would probably make things too silly. Only time will tell if any Gaga sightings happen.

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