LA Theater Provides Barf Bags for ‘Raw’

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“Raw” has been making headlines for what gore hounds would consider all the right reasons.

In September, the French cannibal film caused quite a stir at the Toronto International Film Festival when multiple viewers fainted during its showing. This helped generate a great deal of interest for Julia Ducournau’s critically-acclaimed, intensely gory coming-of-age horror movie. Now, the Nuart Theater in Los Angeles is making sure patrons are prepared.

In response to reports of viewers passing out and vomiting, ushers have started handing out barf bags before the show. According to Mark Valen, a film buyer and programmer for the theater, “One of the staff at the Nuart took up the initiative to make the barf bags out of paper lunch bags.”


The promotion is a cool throwback to the ’70’s when movies like “The Exorcist” were infamous for making theatergoers faint and vomit. And, it may just make cleaning up afterwards a little easier.

“Raw” is a story about a young vegetarian who is pressured into eating rabbit kidneys during a school initiation, and develops a taste for human flesh. It’s available in select theaters now. Here’s the trailer:

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