La Lechuza Haunts Mexico, Southern Texas

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The Mothman, the Slenderman? These monsters are nothing in comparison to the ugly Mexican folklore crone known as La Lechuza.

La Lechuza isn’t your ordinary witch. No, she is a special kind of supernatural spirit which has many origins and interpretations, but the result is always the same: she eats you.

Part human, part bird, this creature has the body of an owl and the head of a hideous old woman, drawing its victims in by whistling or imitating the cries of a newborn.

Although an old Mexican Urban legend which charts her origins as a vengeful spirit who sold her soul to the devil, there have also been claims that she haunts the southern part of the United States.

In the Texas Rio Grande Valley, near the Mexican border, La Lechuza has become a cautionary tale about the dangers of becoming too inebriated and going out into the night.

The story goes that drunken bar patrons who stumble out after closing have fallen victim to her tree-perched auditory traps, their bones picked clean by her beak-like mouth and razor-sharp talons.

Unlike the Mexican version, the Texas La Lechuza is a vengeful spirit whose children were killed by a drunk driver and that’s why she prefers the flesh of those in a drunken stupor.

Whatever her origins, La Lechuza isn’t a paranormal force to be reckoned with, and you must never venture out at night no matter how concerned you are with the sounds of a crying baby.

Also, when visiting southern Texas make sure to call a ridesharing service if you are too drunk to walk home, or La Lechuza may give you a one-way lift of her own.

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