Kino Lorber Bringing ‘Kolchak: The Night Stalker’ TV Movies to Blu-Ray

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Isn’t The X-Files great? Regardless of how one feels about seasons 10 and 11, it can’t be argued that The X-Files is responsible for some of the creepiest stuff in the history of TV.

What many casual fans of The X-Files may not realize is that creator Chris Carter’s biggest influence was a short-lived 1970s show called Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

Kolchak starred Darren McGavin as the titular character, an intrepid reporter whose pursuit of the truth often led him into encounters with demons, witches, and other supernatural creatures. McGavin would go on to play veteran FBI agent Arthur Dales on The X-Files.

Kolchak began life with two ABC made-for-TV movies, 1972’s The Night Stalker, and 1973’s The Night Strangler. The success of these movies would lead to the aforementioned series, which sadly only lasted for one season of 20 episodes.

While it remains to be seen when – or if – the Kolchak TV series will be remastered for Blu-Ray, Kino Lorber is now set to bring the character’s precursor movies to the HD disc format.

The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler have yet to be assigned release dates, but both will hit Blu-Ray before the end of 2018.

If those releases sell well, here’s hoping Kino Lorber puts the Kolchak series out on Blu-Ray too. The episodes were shot on film, so making an HD master would certainly be possible.

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