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If you haven’t had the chance to see the new show Mr. Mercedes you are really missing out!  Now on its fourth episode, I must say that it has me glued to the edge of my seat!  With a fantastic cast, superb writing, and overtones of violence and sexuality that are too hard to ignore, this is a show not to be missed!  Based off Stephen King’s book and trilogy of the same name, this is a much different take on the cat and mouse detective serials of years gone by.

The show stars Brendan Gleeson as retired detective Bill Hodges.  Before Hodges retired the unsolved case of Mr. Mercedes haunted him and aged him quickly.  Mr. Mercedes was a maniac that ran his car into a crowd of eager job hunters that were lined up at a job fair on an early morning in 2009.  The killer injured many and killed eight, including a mother and her infant child.  Many dead ends led Bill Hodges to no solution and forced him to retire.

Now in retirement, Bill has no family and the thoughts of the killing lingers on his mind.  Things become worse when contacted by the killer himself!  Bill finds himself out for justice and will not rest until he brings the killer to light.  The problem is the police department find Bill to be a joke, and the case to not really be worth their time.  Bill is being constantly tormented by the Mercedes killer through various emails and computer messages.

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Brady Hartsfield, played by Harry Treadaway, is the disturbed Mr. Mercedes.  He passes his days by being a clerk at a slowly dying computer store, and uses his second profession of an ice cream man to spy on the retired Hodges.  He is a victim of sexual abuse and his mind is totally deranged.  Treadaway’s performance is brilliant, convincing, and leaves the viewer with a deeply unsettled feeling.  The viewer is treated to a sadistic killer that is believable and relevant.

Holland Taylor, Hodges next door neighbor, is played by the remarkable actress Ida Silver.  He truly cares for Bill and tries to convince him to be her lover.  Although she states that it is out of convenience, it’s easy to see that her emotions reach far beyond that, and prove her to be a true friend of the detective.  Kelly Lynch plays Brady’s sexually and emotionally draining parent.

Every role in this show is so well played that it is hard to find a single weak link. The show flourishes even further when Hodges begins to work with Janey Patterson played by Mary Louis Parker.  If there is any negativity that surrounds this show it is the limited run it receives by playing on the small Applause Network on DirectTv.  The show is also available on Amazon Prime.

Mr. Mercedes airs on Wednesday nights at 8 pm on the Applause Network.

Watch the trailer here: