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Kim Jong Un’s Uncle Eaten Alive by 120 hungry dogs

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Just the thought of a scene like this is completely horrifying.  What’s worse is that this graphic scene isn’t a construct of a screenplay writer in a dark room somewhere. Rather, it comes from something far more horrendous… politics.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s powerful uncle was stripped naked, thrown into a cage, and eaten alive by a pack of ravenous dogs, according to a newspaper with close ties to China’s ruling Communist Party.

Jang Song Thaek, who had been considered Kim’s second-in-command, was executed last month after being found guilty of “attempting to overthrow the state,” North Korea’s state-run news agency reported.

The official North Korean account on Dec. 12 did not specify how Jang was put to death.

U.S. officials told NBC News on Friday that they could not confirm the reports. “This is not ringing any bells here,” said one senior official.

Hong Kong-based pro-Beijing newspaper Wen Wei Po reported that Jang and his five closest aides were set upon by 120 hunting hounds which had been starved for five days.

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