Killing Ground is an upcoming thriller from IFC Midnight that will follow a young couple and their descent into hell.  The film was first released at the Sundance Festival to raving reviews, and has since gotten it’s first official trailer.  Be sure to check it out below, its looking like a tense and bloody time.

From that trailer alone Killing Ground is looking like a mix of the best elements from The Hills Have Eyes, and Wolf Creek.  A young couple being hunted by a small group of psycho’s isn’t anything new for a horror/thriller movie. But if done right, like in Wolf Creek, then it can still shock an audience.

Killing Ground was written and directed by Damien Power and made it’s original debut at the Sundance Film Festival, and has since garnered quite a bit of attention for itself.  Promising to be a dark and gritty ride into hell, Killing Ground is looking incredibly fun and chilling.

Image Credit: Killing Ground

The idea alone of stumbling into an insane game of life or death is chilling.  Let alone being forced into a Most Dangerous Game situation is more than enough for a successful horror experience.  IFC Midnight is known for their interesting movies of varying budget and styles.  All early info is pointing towards Killing Ground being towards the top of the list of IFC Midnight releases.

You can find Killing Ground over on VOD as well as a limited theatrical release, so it will be fairly easy to obtain for anyone who wants to watch it.  Be sure to keep an eye out for it as it is looking to be an intense gore ride.

Image Credit: Killing Ground

For more information over it, be sure to check out our thoughts over it’s release at the Sundance Film Festival here, and keep an eye out for it in case its limited theatrical release is near your area.