‘Killer Sofa’ Trailer: This Furniture Is Hungry for Blood

Michael CarpenterMovie TrailersLeave a Comment

The horror genre is full of ridiculous movies about being attacked and/or killed by things that are objectively silly, and really, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Killer leprechauns, killer genies, killer refrigerators, killer puppets, and more are all welcome.

In the new trailer for low-budget B-movie Killer Sofa, horror fans are introduced to a reclining chair that eats those who dare to sit upon it. Why is the movie called Killer Sofa when it’s about a chair? I have no idea, but that weirdness just adds to the fun.

Since this isn’t entirely clear based solely on the above trailer, the murderous furniture in Killer Sofa is inhabited by a Dybbuk, one that becomes attracted to its latest owner Francesca. Before long, the jealous chair is commuting crimes of passion.

Killer Sofa is clearly aware of what it is, and fully embraces the absurdity of its premise. I mean, an actor is walking around dressed as an evil chair. Said chair seems to be enjoying being sat on by its crush way too much. The whole thing is nuts.

Of course, sheer absurdity doesn’t guarantee that the movie will be all that good. Still, there are those in the horror fandom that live for stuff of this nature, and will no doubt be first in line to rent Killer Sofa when it debuts on DVD and on demand next month.

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