“Killer Clown” Who Threatened Pregnant Woman With an Ax Facing Serious Jail Time

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Written by Patti Pauley

Yeah so, remember that “killer clown” craze last fall that swept both the U.S. and U.K.? Remember when I forwarded the news that authorities weren’t fucking around with the hoaxes and pranksters? I ‘member. And for those who thought it was cute to dress as a twisted nightmare and scare the piss out of random people for the possibility of going viral, take a lesson from this little twerp by the name of Michael March. He’s going viral alright..


killer clown

Photo courtesy of Newcastle Chronicle

This lovely individual thought it would be all in good fun to hop on the killer clown craze and pull a prank on some unsuspecting citizens in South Shields, England. However, his so-called joke didn’t go exactly as planned.

The incident that happened to occur on Halloween Eve of last year, involved a frightened 22-week pregnant woman, her partner, and March donning a clown costume. March was waiting for the pair to near him as they walked past a car park of a local pub, per The Sun. March began banging an ax he was carrying on the ground, to attract the pair’s attention and then commenced to wield the weapon towards the couple. The soon-to-be mother (who wishes to remain nameless) got scared enough for her maternal and survival instincts to kick in, and she threw a brick at March in an attempt to thwart him off.

Well, it worked. March and his buddy who accompanied him on said prank bolted, but not before the authorities caught up with him. March was arrested, but not before pleading with the law enforcers that it was “harmless” and that “he wasn’t going to hurt her”.

March was due to be sentenced earlier this month, but the Judge pushed the date back to March of 2017. The future of Michael March and what could soon be his burning butt-hole will have to wait until then for sentencing.

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