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Kids Say the Creepiest Things!

by Waylon Jordan

Okay, let’s be frank, kids are the most honest creatures on the planet. They say what’s on their mind without the pretensions and filters we adults, okay most adults, develop through social interaction.

This bluntness can be hilariously funny, openly affectionate, and more often than any parent would like to admit, just a little bit creepy.

That’s why creepy kids figure so often into horror movies and stories.

I’ll never forget when one of my friends phoned me up to tell me that her son had thrown a fit while they were at the cemetery for her grandfather’s funeral.

The boy became agitated as they drove down the cemetery path, and even more so after she removed him from his car seat and began to walk to the actual grave site. He kicked and screamed and cried, all the while gesturing as though he feared for his life.

She kept asking what was wrong and tried to comfort him when he suddenly yelled, “Don’t put me in the ground again!”

She was shocked and she looked at his little face, mottled with tears and finally saw that the boy was actually terrified. She told him that no one was going to put him in the ground, but he remained inconsolable insisting he did not want to go into the ground again.

She finally stepped away with her husband and they left the cemetery. He only began to calm down once they were well out of sight of the cemetery. He was only four years old at the time.

He slept through the night after they returned home and the next day seemed to not remember anything that had happened at the cemetery the day before.

Creepy, right?

Thanks to the internet, parents from all over the world have shared similar stories of creepy things their children have shared with them. There are entire forums devoted to the subject, actually, and CreepsMcPasta compiled a few that you can listen to in the video below.

Have a listen and let us know in the comments if your kids or kids you’ve known have ever said anything that tops these!

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