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Any child of the 1980’s that enjoys fear and terror remembers the ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ books. Many of us found them in school libraries or the monthly book order forms that we brought home. They were our first taste of horrific fiction, many, many years before R.L.Stine’s first tales gave us ‘Goosebumps’. Many of the stories were perfect for our ages, short, simple, not too frightening. Some of the plot twists the stories had were even humorous.

But the artwork. Oh my God, the artwork was TERRIFYING! The work of the original artist, Stephen Gammell, was simple, black and white, ink illustrations, but for the young mind, they were nightmare fuel. The artwork was so iconic, that when the publisher Harper Collins issued a 30th anniversary edition with new artwork, there was some serious criticism from long-time fans. Enough so that they eventually went back and issued a new collection with all the original art.

A kickstarter popped up on September 30th, looking to do a new book with the same feel and art style as those classic books. With art done by Chad Wehrle, who’s style is built upon the ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ series, the project, titled ‘Corpse Cold: New American Folklore’, looks very promising. The publisher behind it, Cemetary Gates Media, also has already published four other books since 2015, which all hold good reviews on Amazon.

Stories that sound like familiar folktales from our childhoods sit alongside stories that are based more in the present, giving the project an almost ageless feel.

“Black Dog” – While hunting in the woods near their home, two teenage brothers encounter the strange creature that their father had warned them about since childhood…

“The Woman on the Campus Green” – A student with a tragic family history finds himself the subject of a strange secret admirer on his college campus…

Like the artwork? Well, you don’t have to worry about this project not coming to rotten fruition, because as of just 7 days into the campaign, they’re funded at over 200% of their goal! With another 24 days still to go, and a dark sky being the limit, here’s hoping this work fulfills all promises and maybe even becomes the new horror series we’ve been waiting for.