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Kevin Smith Making a Killer Moose Movie?!

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Kevin Smith

In the wake of writing/directing the exceptional Red State back in 2011, it looks as if Kevin Smith has been bit big time by the horror bug, with a seemingly never-ending stream of upcoming genre projects being added to his slate with each passing month. And if this latest announcement is any indication, he’s only getting started.

As reported by /Film, Smith was on hand at this past weekend’s Comic Con, where he revealed more than just the MUST WATCH trailer for Tusk. During his panel, Smith let it slip that Tusk is going to be the first in an unofficial trilogy of Canada-set films he’s calling ‘the True North Trilogy,’ also comprised of Yoga Hosers and Moose Jaws.

Though Yoga Hosers looks to be some sort of unconventional superhero movie about two teenage girls, Moose Jaws is being described as a straight up horror flick. “Jaws with a moose” is how Smith summed it up, teasing that the film will feature a scene of the killer moose eating a small child.

Last we heard, Smith is also working on a holiday-themed horror flick titled Anti-Claus, which centers on the mythical Alpine demon known as Krampus.

Keep ’em coming, big guy!

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