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Kevin Smith Filming New Horror Movie Next Year; “Jaws with a Moose.”

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There are many filmmakers who likely wouldn’t be making movies today if it wasn’t for Jaws, and Kevin Smith is one of them. Early in his career he paid homage to Spielberg’s classic with winks and nods in his comedy films, and next year he makes a full-on horror movie tribute to the killer shark epic.

Over on his Facebook page this past weekend, Smith celebrated the 40th anniversary of Jaws by posting a little tribute to the film, along with a photo of himself standing next to the mechanical shark used in it. He also revealed his next project, which he originally teased around this time last year.

Moose Jaws

JAWS, the movie that made me fall in love with movies, turns 40 today,” wrote Smith. “Next year, I make my homage entitled ‪#‎MooseJaws‬. It’s JAWS but with a moose.”

Moose Jaws is set to be the final piece in Kevin Smith’s unofficial True North Trilogy, which kicked off with Tusk and continues this year with Yoga Hosers. All we really know about the film, at the moment, is that it will supposedly feature a scene of the killer moose eating a small child.

Smith has proven in the last few years that he can do horror as well as he can comedy, so color us excited about this one. Besides, “Jaws with a moose“? How can you not love that?!

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