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Kevin Smith Animates Crazy, Gory Alternate Ending to Red State

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Back in 2011, Kevin Smith stepped way outside his established comfort zone with Red State, a film that exposed the potential horrors of organized religion. The movie proved that Smith can do things other than straight-up comedy, and he’s been playing around in the genre ever since.

Smith has made no secret of the fact that budgetary constraints forced him to change the original ending to his first horror film, which was going to be MUCH crazier than what ended up on the screen. Now, years later, that alternate ending finally comes to life.

At the end of Red State, the villainous Abin Cooper (Michael Parks) comes face-to-face with a gun-toting Agent Keenan (John Goodman), and the intense shootout between church and government is interrupted by a blaring trumpet that appears to be emanating from the heavens – signaling that the Rapture is coming.

As it turned out, however, the sound was merely some kids playing around with an iPod, intentionally messing with the crazy church clan. But in Smith’s original script, the film was indeed going to end with the Rapture, and holy shit was it going to be gory and crazy as can be.

In the video below, Smith details the original ending to Red State, which has finally been brought to life with a fun little animation. Enjoy!

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