Photo from Flickr: Gage Skidmore

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Kevin Frazier lived every interviewer’s nightmare during San Diego Comic Con last weekend when, during an interview with Jamie Lee Curtis, the poor guy got his iconic slashers mixed up…

“Do people still put on hockey masks and try to scare you,” Frazier asked.

“That’s the wrong movie, baby…” Jamie Lee Curtis replied.

Poor Frazier, realizing his mistake, did his best to recover while Curtis playfully gave him a hard time.

“Noooo, no, no, no, Mommy knows her own films,” she laughed.

I don’t know how Frazier was feeling in that moment, but I literally wanted to become part of the furniture. In my time at iHorror, I’ve interviewed a number of people and even after preparing or days, I still fear the moment when I’ll misspeak and say the wrong thing.

For it to happen on video…for the whole world to see…while speaking to an icon?


No, thanks…

Like pros, they moved on, and Curtis took the time to tell him that people in masks really aren’t that scary when compared to the real evil being done in the world.

She had already explained that the highly anticipated new Halloween film deals with very real issues of learning to survive the aftereffects of trauma, especially for someone like Laurie Strode whose experiences occurred so long ago.

It was a really great interview and the recovery was nicely done until Frazier, once again seems to put his foot in his mouth asking Curtis if she had any thoughts on Roseanne Barr’s latest video meltdown.

Curtis tries to shift gears telling Frazier that she really can’t say anything about it because she hasn’t even seen it…at which point, Frazier offers to show it to her!

~shudder again~

Kevin, I had your back on the first. We were solid! Maybe you just misspoke…but the second? You’re on your own, man.

You can see the entire video below. The mask comment happens at about the 6:19 mark.