While horror is full of long-running franchises, few have inspired the same type of brand loyalty as Tremors. This is mostly due to the series’ knack of crafting fun sequels, despite the fact that they’ve been going direct to video since 1996.

Such is the weight carried by the Tremors name that Syfy recently commissioned a TV pilot for a potential Tremors TV series, even though the Michael Gross-fronted movies continue. The big draw of the series was to be Kevin Bacon’s return to the franchise after 28 years.

Unfortunately, and for reasons still unexplained, Syfy opted to not move forward with the new Tremors show, and it’s doubtful we’ll even get to see the finished pilot. Still, that hasn’t stopped the rather kickass trailer for the pilot from being leaked online. Check it out below.

For those not following the project’s development, Bacon’s Tremors series was to take place in an alternate continuity to the films, one in which the Graboid monsters never resurfaced in Perfection, Nevada after Val McKee and Earl Bassett originally did battle with the beasts.

Sadly, it looks like fans will never get to find out what Val’s full redemption story would have entailed, after having seemingly become a town laughingstock living on his past glory. That is unless another fine network saw fit to swoop in and resurrect the aborted series. Hint, hint.