Exclusive: Ken Sagoes (Kincaid) Talks Dream Warriors, Dream Master & His New Project

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If you read iHorror, there’s probably somewhere between a 99% and 100% chance you’re a fan of the Elm Street franchise. If you’re a fan of the Elm Street franchise, there’s roughly the same chance that you are a fan of Ken Sagoes – Roland Kincaid in The Dream Warriors and The Dream Master.

We had the opportunity to engage in a little chat with him about his two installments of the series and what he’s working on now, which happens to be a short film called The Secret Weapon. It deals with a much more real battle between good and evil than The Dream Warriors.

We asked Sagoes to compare working on Nightmare 3 to working on Nightmare 4, and to tell us which film he likes better.

“First, I want to thank you for asking me to do this interview,” he said. “I am always happy to express what a blessing I had with the Nightmare On Elm Street series. I think they both had their moments, especially in the creative aspect. But Nightmare 3 was more of a group coming together, becoming a team, and preparing to face their enemy as one party. They accepted themselves as a group that standing together was their only chance. Part 3 had everything in it: comedy, adventure, suspense, drama, and of course, old fashion horror. Part 4 has some of the same elements, but to me, the kids were more of a ‘friends’, not as one.”

“I liked and enjoyed working on both films; part 3 and 4,” Sagoes added.”I had great scenes in both of them. Especially, the junk yard scene in part 4, with the dog (Jason) pissing fire, and I had a chance to say what no other Elm Street kid could say, ‘Take that, Mutha Fucka.’ However, I lean toward part 3, (because I made history as being the first African-American to survive a horror film and return for a sequel – Yes, that is in the history books). Not to mention by being in the whole film, translated to a bigger pay check :-D. Plus, I had many great scenes, ‘busting into walls,’ ‘bending chairs,’ and going head to head with Freddy himself, with memorable lines: ‘F*&kin’ A,’ ‘Hey Freddy, where you at, you burnt face pussa!’, ‘Oh great, now it’s my d*&K killing me,’ ‘Anybody tries to put me to sleep, gonna get their ass killed.’ I had much more fun playing Kincaid in part 3. I was still learning about who this character was.”


On his opinion of the Nightmare on Elm Street remake and whether he thinks it’s a worthy addition to the franchise:

“I really don’t have one [opinion]. I will say this, all the actors were great, but there will never be another Robert Englund. I don’t believe anyone can touch how he played Freddy.”

“As much as I might think that it was not [a worthy addition], it did what the powers that be wanted – it made money. But let me say this, the two most successful NOES that made the most money, even overseas, based on the time/year, were part 3 and 4. And guess what: Those were the two I was in. Thank you, fans.”

A lot of people would like to be able to say they were killed by Freddy in a movie. Asked if he was glad that he got to be killed by Freddy or would have preferred to have been a survivor:

“I would have loved to have been a survivor for at least a couple of them, or to the end of Part 4. But sooner or later, I was going to have to take my seat as one of the the honorable victims of Freddy. However, Kincaid did not go out like a punk, he tried to kick Freddy’s ass all over dreamland.”

His new project, The Secret Weapon, is a very different kind of film. Like many filmmakers (yes, he’s writing and directing this one), he’s turned to Kickstarter to raise funds, and is the late stage of his campaign. It tells the story of black children in the 60s who helped to “reignite” the Civil Rights Movement.


Sagoes tells us:

“This project is very dear to me. It may not be a horror film as we all see it, but what happened to those children in real life were a horror. It’s the story of a group of bright youth who defy both their parents and the status quo, and faced a legendary racist, which helped to forever change the segregated atmosphere of the 1960’s. They gave power back to the Civil Rights Movement. To me, those children were the first Dream Warriors and went head to head with an original real life Freddy Krueger. I have until August 22nd to raise the rest of the funds. It still can be done. $10 OR MORE from 1500 pledges, can make it happen. Be one of the pledgers. Go to: www.kickstarter.com In the search project box, type: “The Secret Weapon”by Ken Sagoes.”

We wish Sagoes the best of luck with his project, and thank him for taking the time to chat with us about some of our favorite movies.

Our own John Squires has an awesomely humorous Ken Sagoes story, which you should read if you get a chance. Halloween Love also recently posted another great conversation with Sagoes.

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