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Keep it Creepy & Cozy With These Festive Horror Knit Sweaters

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Now that we’re in-between the retail chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it might be the perfect time to stay the hell away from the malls and do some shopping online.

If you’re looking for that perfect gift for the creepy sweetie on your holiday shopping list (or you’re just dropping not-so-subtle hints to your own family and friends), you really can’t go wrong with a delightful horror-themed sweater!

Yes, sweatshirts are comfortably relaxed, but nothing beats that luxurious feeling of a super cozy knit sweater. They’re super stylish and festive as fuck.

So, to help y’all out with that dreaded holiday shopping, I’ve compiled some of my favorites to grace the online stores this season. Enjoy!

Baphomet sweater via Shredders

Praise the dark lord! Embrace the extended hours of darkness! Show some solidarity with your girl Sabrina!

Spiderweb sweater via Sourpuss

A short-sleeved sweater perfect for layering or slightly warmer climates!


“Saving Christmas, Hunting Things” via EMP

Castiel would approve!

Rat Baby Hocus Pocus sweater via Amazon

So cute it’s killer!

Alien Chestburster via Middle of Beyond


Too Fast Clothing “Have Yourself a Creepy Lil Christmas” sweater via Amazon

Stay on message this holiday season!

Classic Monsters Fair Isle sweater via Amazon

Don’t want to pick a favorite monster? Cozy up with them all!

Jack O Lantern knit sweater via Creepy Co

Sleek, classic, cute, and creepy!

Cthulhu Cardigan via Middle of Beyond

Cozy up with everyone’s favorite Eldritch horror!

Evil Dead cardigan via Middle of Beyond

Reading is fundamental!

Firewalk knit sweater via Killstar (photo via Pinterest)

Spend your holiday cuddled up in the Black Lodge!

Krampus knit sweater via Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Have a holly jolly Krampusnacht!

Gremlins sweater via Middle of Beyond

The ultimate family horror movie!

Pumpkin Queen cardigan via Sourpuss

Keep it classy!

Here’s Johnny sweater via Shredders

No work and all play this holiday!

Halloween sweater via Middle of Beyond

Come home for dinner!

Ghostbusters cardigan via Middle of Beyond

Be as comfortably cozy as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man!

For more holiday horror sweaters, check out our list from last year!

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