Kate Siegel Commercial’s Attack on Psoriasis Anything but Hushed

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Look, not everyone can be fortunate enough to promote bowel regularity, Laurie Strode! Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to pay the bills. Betsy Baker did it. Dana DeLorenzo, as well. And to that list we can now add Hush star Kate Siegel.

Siegel wowed horror fans in Blumhouse’s Netflix hit earlier this year with an incredibly powerful performance as Maddie, a deaf woman whose life of seclusion was interrupted one night when a crazed killer appeared at her door and forced her to fight for the right to live again. Hell, even Stephen King said Hush reminded him of John Carpenter’s Halloween.

In this spot for Stelara, however, Siegel is fighting a completely different battle.

Rather than a knife-wielding, would-be murderer, Siegel has to fend off her “other” you. Ya know, the one who doesn’t show up in “that” dress or hug friends, but embraces the you open to using a medication which may cause difficulty fighting infection, new skin growths or a rare but potentially fatal brain condition.

And who doesn’t want to get comfy with that you?

Now that we think about it, Hush Siegel was soft. Stelara Siegel dons a jump suit dipped in gasoline and merrily frolics through the gates of hell.

Wonder which you has the cat named Bitch?