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Kane Hodder Will Wear The Jason Mask One More Time!

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Kane Hodder has certainly made his mark in the horror genre as his portrayal of everyone’s favorite mama’s boy, Jason Vorhees. And by jove, he is stunning. As you know if you’re a fan, Kane has a huge following via the Friday franchise and Hatchet films and is infamous for those pseudo – strangulation pictures to anyone wanting one.  Now, sadly we won’t be seeing Hodder wear the mask once again for another Friday movie. BUT.. It was announced less than 24 hours ago that Kane will be dressing up one more time for the fans this very next Friday the 13th as the one and only Jason!

The announcement was made via Mad Monster‘s facebook page and here are the given details:

February Friday the 13th, 2015 at Chicago’s Mad Mobster True Horror and Crime Expo Kane Hodder will be donning the full makeup and costume designed by director and original FX designer John Carl Buechler. The photo will be included in the “Friday the 13th with Kane Hodder and John C. Buechler” package on sale this Friday (Halloween), it will be $199. It will include one autograph from Kane and John, an in-makeup photo op with a green screen background (for up to 2 adults) and reserved seating at the Q&A. It does not include admission to the convention which is required (single day Friday is $25, weekend is $50). Tickets for Friday with Kane & John will be extremely limited, there will be a few available at the show for walk-up fans, but if you absolutely do not want to risk missing it, we strongly recommend pre-purchasing it ASAP.

Clearly this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to see Hodder in all his majestic 6’4 glory. Seeing as how John Carl Buechler (director of Friday the 13th 7) will be handling the outfit for Kane, it may be safe to say we see him in The New Blood full get-up?! That my friends, would be nothing short of spectacular. If you can and are able to snatch up a spot in this very limited meet and greet; Then I am very jealous and please let me live vicariously through you by posting your pictures on iHorror’s Facebook page with the legend himself!

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