‘Jurassic World’ Short ‘Battle at Big Rock’ Starts Your Week with Dinosaurs

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Ah, dinosaurs. We all know them, most of us love them, and we all kinda wish we could actually see one in real life. Then we consider being eaten alive by a giant carnivore and decide that maybe they’re better left to the fantastical realm of movies.

In recent years, the Jurassic World movies have picked up the big screen dinosaur torch from the original Jurassic Park trilogy, albeit while trading on heavy amounts of nostalgia. In summer 2021, Jurassic World 3 will make its grand theatrical debut.

That’s a long time away though, and we want dinosaurs now, dammit. Here to satiate that desire is a new Jurassic World short film titled Battle at Big Rock. It’s directed by Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow, and set between Fallen Kingdom and part 3.

Jurassic devotees will recall that last year’s Fallen Kingdom ended with the release of lots and lots of dinosaurs into the general civilian population. This included everything from the classic T-Rex to the enormous water-based terror known as the Mosasaurus.

Battle at Big Rock is set one year after the events of Fallen Kingdom, and gives fans a glimpse at a new world in which humans and dinosaurs are forced to coexist, and aren’t necessarily going to do so peacefully. This needs to be a regular TV show, stat.

Jurassic World

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