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Josh Gad will Star in Roland Emmerich’s Sci Fi-Thriller ‘Moonfall’

by Waylon Jordan

Comedic actor Josh Gad may be best known for his appearance on Broadway in The Book of Mormon and voicing the cuddly snowman Olaf in Disney’s Frozen and Frozen 2, but he’s taking on a much more serious role in Moonfall, a brand new sci-fi, disaster thriller from writer/director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day).

Emmerich co-wrote the script for the new film with Harold Kloser (2012) and Spenser Cohen (Extinction).

Moonfall begins with the premise that some mysterious force has knocked the moon out of its orbit and set it on a collision course for Earth. As is usual for this kind of film, a group is sent into space in attempt to avert disaster.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gad will play eccentric genius K.C. Houseman, the man who first notices that the moon has been knocked from its orbit making him a central character to the story. Though this is far from his first serious role, it will be interesting to see Gad take on the disaster movie scenario.

Emmerich has a knack for telling this kind of story. In a career spanning five decades he has sat in the director’s chair for Independence DayStargateThe Day After Tomorrow, and Independence Day: Resurgence.

Gad is the first actor cast in the new film, but we’re sure there will be more to come now that the ball is rolling. Stay tuned to iHorror for details as they become available.

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