If you’d have asked me five years ago if one of the guys from Key & Peele would emerge as the next great horror director, I’d have thought you were nuts. Yet, here we are, as Jordan Peele continues conquering the world.

Personally, I loved Get Out, and if not for IT, Peele’s debut would’ve been my favorite horror film of 2017. I’ve been impatiently waiting for his follow-up, Us, ever since. Now, there’s only a bit over a week left to wait for its arrival.

While Us hasn’t technically released yet, it held its premiere screening recently at SXSW, and based on the critical reaction so far, Peele has another Get Out-sized hit on his hands. The sophomore slump isn’t in effect.

With 39 reviews counted so far, Us sports a perfect 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While that number might eventually drop slightly, it probably won’t go far, as Get Out landed at 98% with over 300 reviews counted.

In other words, if the creepy as hell trailers for Us didn’t already make you want to see it, these reviews really should. I’d gladly go see it tonight if I could, but sadly, I’ll just have to wait until March 22nd like everyone else.

If Us is indeed as good as reviews suggest, it may well have a shot at ending up on top of many best horror of 2019 lists. Amusingly, to do so, it’ll once again have to battle with Pennywise, as IT: Chapter Two hits in September.