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One of last year’s biggest horror hits was definitely Get Out, the directorial debut of Key & Peele comedian Jordan Peele.

While some have tried to say Get Out isn’t a horror movie, I personally can’t understand that one bit. It’s about a guy who ends up trapped in the home of a crazy family who wants to do horrifying things to him, that’s horror 101 in my opinion.

Anyway, Get Out is now of course up for several Oscars this year, including Best Picture. Peele is also nominated for Best Director, which is pretty awesome for a debut feature.

Considering Get Out’s popularity, there are naturally many people who would like to see a sequel, or at least another film set within its unsettling universe. During a recent conversation with THR, Peele revealed that he’s seriously considering doing just that.

That said, Peele also says that he’s not sure how exactly he would go about doing a sequel yet, despite his love for the film and the fact that it left loose ends. Personally, I think Chris’ story got an appropriate ending, but I’d still eagerly go see another horror effort by Peele.

At the very least, Chris’ hilarious best friend Rod needs another big screen appearance, to further prove that the TSA isn’t all bad. I’ve heard few louder cheers in a theater than when he showed up to save the day.