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Jordan Peele (Get Out) looks to be further solidifying his transition from comedy to horror, as Bloody Disgusting reports the Oscar-winning director is in talks to remake Clive Barker’s Candyman! For the uninitiated, Candyman is a tale about a vengeful spirit with a hook for a hand who terrorizes those who say his name five times in the mirror. Legend has it, Candyman was the artist son of a slave, who was brutally murdered by his lover’s father via bees.

The rights for the film are said to have become available; however, it’s unknown who holds them at the moment. Peele is reportedly looking to do a remake under his company Monkeypaw Productions, but it’s unclear whether he would take the director’s chair or act as a producer if the project was to get the green light.

One thing is for sure, if the remake comes to fruition, Jordan Peele would be a fantastic writer/director to make the material his own. You wouldn’t want an urban legend from the dark imagination of writer Clive Barker to be watered down to a popcorn flick for the PG-13 crowd like Slender Man. The original film’s director Bernard Rose stated back in 2016 he would love to do a Candyman sequel with Virginia Madsen reprising her role, though nothing ever came of it.

The original Candyman was played by horror legend Tony Todd, who will be seen in the upcoming Halloween slasher flick Hell Fest. Todd brings a commanding presence to all his roles, and anyone who wears the hook of Candyman in a remake would have some big shoes to fill.

Peele’s next horror project Us is already underway with an expected release date of March 2019, though production has been pretty quiet since it was first announced back in May. He also has his plate full as a producer with his upcoming Twilight Zone reboot, and his HBO series Lovecraft Country.

Would you like to see Jordan Peele take on a Candyman remake? Who do you think would play a great Candyman? We’ll update you as this story unfolds!