Jordan Alexander Lands Major Role in ‘Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones’

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Jordan Alexander is a break out star who makes her debut in the Facebook Watch anthology series, Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones.

This series is a whodunnit, mystery/crime drama. You can watch it via the Facebook Watch app on any smartphone, computer or smart TV.

The star is also set to do her first-ever Facebook Live Q&A this Thursday, April 9th at 5pm eastern standard time on the iHorror Facebook page. 

Jordan will be taking all your questions LIVE this Thursday at 5pm (New York Time Zone)

This is Alexander’s first starring gig and what a way to introduce yourself to the Hollywood elite, playing opposite Juliette Lewis and Ryan Kwanten.

“This show is absolutely stacked in terms of high-quality actors who have made a big impact on the entertainment industry,” Alexander says. “I definitely felt like a really small fish in a sea of seasoned and immaculate talent, and this experience would have been very different for me, if not for the kindness and encouragement of my costars. From day one I felt like I belonged there, probably because Juliette Lewis called me the night before my first day of shooting and told me so. The attitude of the actors and honestly everyone on set made a world of difference when it came to me being nervous.”

Jordan Alexander in "Sacred Lies."

Jordan Alexander in “Sacred Lies.”

Sacred Lies premiered on February 20 with three episodes and then the remaining 7 weekly after that.

The finale is scheduled to drop April 9.

Critics have already given the young actress thumbs up, praising her performance as Elise in the show, “Alexander, in her first major role, is the revelation here, with a wonderful singing voice and a fine ability to convey the raw emotions Elsie is feeling towards Peter and her childhood in general as she’s about to age out of the foster system.”

Alexander arrived on the entertainment scene back in 2008 with her role in Tortured. She eventually landed the part of Liz in the TV short series Unbury the Biscuit in 2016.

While being fairly new to the industry–she is a singer as well–Alexander is showing her acting chops to millions of people on the biggest social media platform in the world.

We asked her what it’s like to be a part of the Facebook Watch series.

“It’s incredible,” she says. Of course part of the thrill is getting to connect to the community in real time. “The connections between the creators of Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones and the viewers is so strong, to the point where viewers had a say in a number of decisions made about the series. Being on the Facebook Watch platform I felt like we had such creative freedom to make a show that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I’m so grateful to be on a show and a platform that is so adventurous and open-minded.”

Here’s a synopsis of Sacred Lies:

Harper, a reclusive online investigator, breaks open a cold case. Elsie, a troubled foster kid, tries to recall the song linking her to a mother she barely remembers – and to Peter, a convict with dark secrets.
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