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Joker Headed Towards 1 Billion At The Box Office

by Anthony Pernicka

DC and Warner Brothers are loving what they’re seeing from the Todd Phillips directed film Joker.  Though the film buzzed in early controversy from fans, that didn’t stop moviegoers from showing up at theaters.  Box office records are being shattered as this dark tale of spiraling mental anguish, headed by Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar worthy performance, becomes the #1 R-rated film of ALL time.

At the time of writing this article, Joker has crossed past the $800 million world-wide box office mark.  Watchful eyes are patiently awaiting the daily numbers to see if Joker can do what no other R-rate movie has ever done before – pass 1 billion dollars in ticket sales.

Not everyone seems to be sharing in the success of such record breaking numbers.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jared Leto is feeling “alienated and upset” about the role given to Joaquin Phoenix instead of himself.  The article from the THR reveals from inside sources that Leto tried, in several ways, to stop the movie from happening.  In a not so surprising, and claimed to be unrelated event, Leto has severed his ties with agency CAA and is now being represented by their rival WME.

It’s also worth noting that Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in Joker keeps giving new life to the film.  His performance has crossed over DC fans and has tapped into a general interest with horror, thriller and drama genre audiences.  Unfortunately, China felt the movie’s content and tone were not appropriate for release in their country.  As of now, the movie is not expected to be released in mainland China which will seriously impede reaching that $1 billion goal.

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