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John Carpenter’s ‘Tales for a Halloween Night’ Is Back from the Dead

by Michael Carpenter

John Carpenter, the man, the myth, the legend. Chances are if you’re a horror fan, you love at least one of his films, if not most or all of them. He created Halloween, directed perhaps the greatest remake ever in The Thing, and helmed the iconic They Live.

Even if Carpenter never directs another feature – and it’s looking more and more like he won’t – his creative legacy remains secured. We recently let you know that Carpenter will return to score Halloween Kills and Ends, but it turns out that’s not all he’s up to.

As told to ComicBook.com, Carpenter has revealed that his potential anthology TV series, Tales for a Halloween Night, is now back from the grave thanks to Paramount. The project was originally set up at Syfy, but fell through due to creative differences.

According to Carpenter’s wife and producing partner Sandy King, the people at Syfy just seemed to want the title and concept, and despite the series being greenlit, she and Carpenter backed out due to foreseeing a likely unfortunate outcome.

At one time, Carpenter was said to be interested in directing the pilot episode of Tales for a Halloween Night, although that’s apparently not set in stone at this juncture. Still, it’s nice to know that the project is back on, as we can always use more anthologies.

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