Lost Cues: The Thing

John Carpenter’s ‘Lost Cues: The Thing’ Available for Pre-Order

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Lost Cues: The Thing, a new album from Waxwork Records and Sacred Bones will introduce fans of John Carpenter’s sci-fi/horror masterpiece to musical themes and cues he composed for the score that never made their way into the film.

The Thing was one of the rare occasions that Carpenter did not score his own film.  The job was originally pitched to Jerry Goldsmith, who passed on the offer, and finally landed with legendary composer Ennio Morricone.

Unfortunately, Morricone was working from an incomplete version of the film while composing and so, when the final cut of the film was ready, there were musical gaps in the film that Carpenter felt needed an underlying score. Carpenter scored several synth tracks to fill in those gaps, but there was music he created that was never released.

That’s where Lost Cues: The Thing comes into play. Revamped and re-recorded by  John Carpenter along with his son Cody Carpenter and their fellow touring musician Daniel Davies, the album will present Carpenter’s fans with the music they never heard.

The new 12″ EP comes in a 180 gram pressing of “Arctic Splatter” colored vinyl (electric blue with cyan splatter) with a classic satin-coated gatefold jacket and artwork from Phantom City Creative. It is an absolute must-own for fans of Carpenter’s scores and The Thing.

Widely regarded today as one of Carpenter’s finest horror films, The Thing was widely considered a flop when it was first released with critics slamming the gore and violence. It was a film ahead of its time with an audience wholly unprepared for what they were going to see.

You can pre-order Lost Cues: The Thing directly from Waxwork Records by CLICKING HERE. The album will ship on May 5, 2020.

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