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John Carpenter’s Halloween Returns to Theaters on October 29th

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Written by John Squires

The last several years have seen a spike in theatrical revivals of classic horror movies, with films like Jaws and Psycho recently being re-released into theaters nationwide. These special events allow you to travel back in time, so to speak, and experience favorites on the big screen with fellow fans.

On tap next for a theatrical revival is John Carpenter’s seminal classic Halloween, which is slashing its way back into over 220 theaters across America on October 29th – two nights before the big day. It’s been 37 years since Michael Myers first debuted on the screen, so this is needless to say a real treat.


Tickets are currently on sale through Fathom Events, where you’ll also find full theatrical listings. Screenings begin at 7:30pm, and the film will kick off with a brand new introduction from writer/director John Carpenter himself – the master guiding you back into the world of Haddonfield.

This movie is well deserving of another play on the big screen,” said Fathom Events CEO John Rubey. “We cannot wait for audiences to experience this twisted tale in theaters for Halloween.”

Halloween of course told the story of Michael Myers, a six-year-old who brutally murders his sister on a cold Halloween night in 1963. After 15 years in a mental hospital, he returns to his sleepy hometown of Haddonfield, Ill., with a plan for more bloodshed.

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