John Carpenter Would Do Another ‘Halloween’ Score

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For better or for worse, Blumhouse has decided that the most recent film in the Halloween franchise will not be the last that they produce. And John Carpenter says that if he gets the opportunity, he would absolutely be on board to score the sequel.

He told Consequence of Sound that when the time comes for him to work on new music for a new film: “We’ll be ready. We’ve all talked about it. We’ll be ready.”

While not everyone was thrilled with the newest film, all fans can agree that John Carpenter’s score was phenomenal. For me, at least, it was the best part of the entire film. His trademark sound is unmistakable.

And with that said, it’s good to know that while he is taking a break from working on new music for Lost Themes 3, it’s still coming. It would seem that the horror (and literal) maestro just needs to decompress after the completion of the newest film.

“The group is not intensely working on anything … but we’ll get back together and do some more stuff. We need to rest now after Halloween and keep out of sight. We don’t need to bug anybody now.”

If you’ve never heard his two original albums, you need to remedy that immediately. Both Lost Themes are absolutely essential for any fan of the man’s work – or even for someone who just appreciates great music.

Here’s a link where you can purchase it directly.

There is currently no word on whether or not David Gordon Green or Danny McBride will be returning to work on the next film. In fact, nothing is concrete as of now besides the fact that it will be happening under Blumhouse.

We will let you know more details as soon as we get them. Stay tuned, because they will eventually be coming – that’s for sure.

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