John Carpenter takes us into virtual reality

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In February, John Carpenter released Lost Themes, (Check out our own Jonathan Correia’s full review) a collection of amazing synth driven score that made everyone who listened to it and drove around late at night their very own 80’s Carpenter character.

Now, Ben Hignight and Ben Verhulst have created a very fitting video for a track titled “Night” off of Lost Themes. While the video isn’t directed by Carpenter himself it is very much in his vein.

The video features Carpenter Lawnmower Man-ing his way through virtual reality. His avatar (who looks like Daft Punk and Mad Max had a child) eerily creeps through the streets at night in an american made muscle car searching for someone that he intends to beat with a baseball bat.

The video lends to the very cool Carpenter score and definitely ends leaving you wanting more. Hopefully Carpenter’s Lost Themes combined with (another 80’s film legend) George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road release will spur Carpenter out of hiding and back to making kick ass films that will inspire a whole new generation.

It would be great to see Jack Burton dust off the pork chop express and get back to business as usual. Until then check out John Carpenter’s “Night” from Lost Themes and don’t forget to pick up the full album. It is a must own for all Carpenter and music fans.


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