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John Carpenter Sounds Off on the Creepy Clown Epidemic

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As anyone with a pulse surely knows at this point, recent months have seen a wave of sightings of creepy people dressed up as clowns. Sometimes the clowns just stand there being unsettling, but other times things have progressed to the level of unsuspecting victims being accosted and scared out of their minds by the costumed crazies.

Some find this whole phenomenon darkly amusing, while others are sick to death of the clowns’ bull****. On the latter end of the spectrum is legendary genre director John Carpenter, the man behind such classics as Halloween, The Thing, and They Live. During a recent interview with the Evening Standard, Carpenter was asked for his opinion on the creepy clown epidemic, and – in usual Carpenter fashion – he didn’t hold anything back:

John Carpenter

It’s getting ridiculous. These people are idiots. I guess I understand what they’re trying to do in trying to scare people, but it’s not right to run at people with a chainsaw. That’s not funny — it’s dangerous. I was visiting a friend in the emergency room and the curtain parted next to me, and this guy had been using a chainsaw on a tree stump and it hit something and bounced into his face. He was just about alive but man he was in pain. They were working on him trying to clean up the wound. Kids should put the chainsaws down. It’s a really scary world we’re living in.”

While Carpenter has earned the reputation of a man with precisely zero ***** left to give over the years, it’s hard to argue that he isn’t absolutely right on in this instance. Having fun is one thing, traumatizing unwilling people is another thing entirely. Horror fans choose to get scared by the movies we love. The victims of these clowns do not, and that’s not okay.


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