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John Carpenter is and will always be a legend in the horror community, thanks to amazing films like Halloween, The Thing, and They Live. However, one of his directorial efforts I find to be highly underrated is 1987’s Prince of Darkness, an unusual take on the biblical apocalypse.

The film’s plot concerns a priest who invites a university professor and his students to study a huge cylinder containing a mysterious green liquid in the basement of an old church. It turns out this liquid is actually somehow Satan, seeking to bring his father the Anti-God to Earth.

If you think that sounds like a weird idea for a movie, you’re not wrong. Still, some great gore effects, some thought-provoking concepts, a permeating sense of dread, and a terrific Carpenter score combine to make Prince of Darkness a fascinating bit of religious horror.

Prince of Darkness has always been an overlooked film in the Carpenter canon, but it now looks like the property might get its due via a TV series. During a recent interview with Consequence of Sound, Carpenter hinted that such a show might appear on Shudder.

When pressed though, Carpenter backed off from anything definite, saying that a Prince of Darkness TV show might happen on the streaming service, or it might not. Still, he clearly didn’t just pull that specific prospect out of thin air, so here’s hoping it comes to pass.