John Carpenter Narrates Music Video in Which Jason Voorhees Kills Robocop

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John Carpenter lent his voice to the narration of this video from synthwave band Gunship, called Tech Noir. It includes claymation versions of Jason, Robocop, and other favorites, who I’ll let you discover on your own.

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Lee Hardcastle, the director of the video (which Nerdist points us to), is the guy behind the memorable T is for Toilet segment in the first ABCs of Death film. He and Gunship did a reddit AMA answering questions about the project.

Asked about getting Carpenter involved, Gunship’s Alex Westaway had this to say:

JC is a boss! Basically we had a different voiceover on Tech Noir – a monologue from “Class of 1999”. We couldn’t afford to clear the rights with Lionsgate, and therefore we decided to write an entirely new voiceover from scratch and go after someone epic from the 80s to do it. We were spitballing lots of names, but JC just stuck. Dan went on an email assault to try and get through to JC’s agent, and lo and behold managed to get him to listen to the track. He dug it and said he’d do it just like that. We were blown away, needless to say. He literally just got the words and fired back some takes within a day or two. He is a super cool and chilled guy, and a blast to be involved with (as is his son Cody who is in a band called Ludrium). We would love to collaborate again with him in the future, perhaps even on some music (that would be a dream).

Gunship’s Dan Haigh added:

John Carpenter is simply an all round badass dude! The simple version of the story is that we managed to get the track in front the horror master himself and he dug it enough to collaborate with us. I have to point out that he did this on the merits of the music alone… which as life long fans of JC utterly floored us… I mean… total blow out… I remember getting the email back at 3AM and just laying on the floor in the studio contemplating the universe for a long long time… after all it was JC’s scores which provided a foundation for the love of the type of music we are creating now. Then we realised we had to WRITE A SCRIPT for John Carpenter to voice act… jesus… the funny thing was we were referencing his own characters for the style we wanted… “Yes Mr Carpenter if you could just read like R. J Macready in THE THING when he’s talking into the tape recorder…” haha dreams fulfilled… what an absolute legend for getting involved…

You can check out more of Gunship’s videos, which have sparked interest in the horror community in the past, here. Their Tech Noir album is out now.


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