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John Carpenter is Getting His Very Own Horror Podcast

by Trey Hilburn III
John Carpenter

John Carpenter is getting into the podcast game via Serial Box. This won’t be the usual obligatory chat about film though. These will be well polished horror stories that all get the “John Carpenter Presents” treatment. These sound like they will be more like old time radio shows, complete with Foley FX and premium voice acting.

The description of John Carpenter’s podcast is as follows:

The collaboration will establish Serial Box as the exclusive partner for John Carpenter audio/podcast projects.

Best known for such cult classics as Halloween, Dark Star, Christine, and The Thing, Carpenter will add audio to his storied career as film producer, writer, director, actor, composer, and comics creator leveraging Serial Box’s experience creating addictive, immersive audio series. 

The collaboration will consist of audio stories developed by both companies, produced and recorded by Serial Box, that will live on Serial Box’s platform. The teams, led by John and Sandy King Carpenter and by Hayley Wagreich, Head of Content at Serial Box, will invite select creators well-versed in the horror genre to collaborate on the projects. They’re projected to develop at least five series per year for a minimum of two years.”

Sounds very cool, and more podcasts are always a good thing for those of us with long commutes. Stories that are straight up signed off by Carpenter is a good spot to be in.

“Horror is a universal language that works across so many mediums. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Serial Box – their rich sound design has advanced audio storytelling, offering us a new way to strike fear into the hearts of our audience. Harkening back to spooky tales told around the fire, we can’t wait to get these stories out into the world.” Sandy King Carpenter said.

For those who dig this old school radio show approach, another really great horror podcast that goes the same route is titled Tales From Beyond The Pale. It’s a consistently good horror podcast that actually manages to cook up some terrifying stuff.

We will let you know when we get more details on the podcast. Will you be listening to John Carpenter’s podcast? Let us know in the comments section.


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