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John Carpenter Doesn’t Get Scared By Horror Movies. Here’s Why

by Paul Aloisio

John Carpenter has returned to the world of Michael Myers with his work on last year’s Halloween, and he is set to continue on with the franchise with the two upcoming sequels. And although he thinks there are a couple of filmmakers who are doing a great job, he’s not often scared by horror films these days.

There’s no complicated answer for this – it’s nothing against anyone, and he doesn’t criticize anyone for a lack of talent. It’s simply that he knows too much about what goes into making a film. For him, the veil has been lifted and the facade destroyed.

When asked if he’s still scared by any movies, he said to ComicBook:

“No, I see the plumbing … You have to be young, young is good, and know a little less [to get scared]. But when a movie does affect me, that means it’s great because it’s gotten past all my sensors.”

John Carpenter did mention one movie that particularly stood out for him.

“There was a movie a few years ago I thought was just fabulous … It was called Let the Right One In. I believe that was a Swedish film. Oh, man, that was terrific. Just terrific. It just reinvented the vampire myth quite a bit. And I liked it.”

And the master of horror also revealed that he is impressed by newcomers like Ari Aster and Jordon Peele. He stated that the two are bringing something fresh to the genre and that:

“They’re doing great. So they got to keep going.”

When someone as notoriously outspoken as John Carpenter says that about you, you better pay attention.

It’s great that Carpenter is involved with the Halloween franchise once again. Let’s hope that the next one is even better!

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