Joe Bob Briggs to Host 24-Hour Horror Movie Marathon on Shudder

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In my early days as a horror fan, one of my favorite weekly activities was to flip the TV to TNT on Saturday night and take in a new episode of MonsterVision. Hosted by Joe Bob Briggs, MonsterVision introduced me to many great horror films, edited for TV or not.

Briggs’ tenure as MonsterVision host ended abruptly in 2000, with the show just presenting movies without a host for a while before ending completely. Briggs has remained active within the horror community in the years since, and regularly attends conventions.

Back in January, Briggs took to social media to tease fans with the prospect that MonsterVision might soon be returning, this time on horror streaming service Shudder. While that still hasn’t happened, it looks like the groundwork for a full return is being laid.

Recently, Joe Bob’s Facebook page confirmed that he’s set to host a 24-hour horror movie marathon on Shudder. He’ll provide intros and outros to each movie, as well as MonsterVision’s famous drive-in totals.

The marathon will take place on a Friday in June, but an exact date has yet to be revealed. It’s gonna be so awesome to see Job Bob do his thing once again. I just hope Shudder opts to store an on-demand version of the marathon, for people who have to work that Friday.

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