Joe Bob Briggs Says ‘MonsterVision’ Might Return

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Sadly, the horror host is all but extinct today. A few small-scale hosts are still kicking around, but it’s slim pickings.

This is sad for people like me, who remember one of the greatest horror TV hosts in recent memory. That man was Joe Bob Briggs, host of TNT’s long-running MonsterVision series that aired on Saturday nights.

Briggs wasn’t the host from MonsterVision’s inception, but he took over in 1995, and held he job until the show was canceled in 2000. Thus, he’s the host everyone remembers.

MonsterVision featured Briggs hosting horror films of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, providing commentary and quips between commercial breaks. Briggs also presented his weekly “drive-in totals,” tallying up the amount of blood, sex, and other fun stuff in each film.

For many horror fans around for the 90s, checking in with Joe Bob weekly became appointment TV, even if the films shown were of course edited for content. Now, it looks like MonsterVision might be coming back to show today’s youth how it’s done.

As tweeted by Briggs himself, horror streaming service Shudder is apparently considering resurrecting MonsterVision if enough interest is shown. This would presumably entail Briggs returning as host.

While Briggs acts like he doesn’t want to come back above, that’s clearly just a gag, otherwise he wouldn’t be bothering to solicit testimonials from fans. I for one hope the fans come through, and MonsterVision rises from the grave.