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Joe Bob Briggs Returns to Shudder in December for a “Red Christmas”

by Michael Carpenter

For anyone who grew up staying up late to watch MonsterVision on TNT, Joe Bob Briggs’ return to televised horror hosting on Shudder has been a tremendous gift. Briggs most recently returned to Shudder on Friday night for a “Halloween Hootenanny.”

Joe Bob actually lived up to his pre-show tease this time, which surprised me, as I was expecting a misdirect. But he did in fact show the original Halloween for the Hootenanny, followed by 1988 and 1989 sequels Halloween 4 and Halloween 5.

Anyway, with the Halloween Hootenanny in the books, Joe Bob himself announced via Twitter that he’ll next return to Shudder in December. Streaming Friday, December 13th, this latest mini-marathon will be dubbed “Joe Bob’s Red Christmas.

In true Joe Bob Briggs fashion, the above announcement of Red Christmas features a swipe at Blumhouse’s Black Christmas remake coming out on the same day, the second remake of 1974’s classic slasher of the same name by director Bob Clark.

As always, Red Christmas’ movie line-up is being kept under wraps until show night, but considering it’s a Friday the 13th, at least one Jason adventure wouldn’t feel out of place. Perhaps we’ll also get a Silent Night, Deadly Night, or the first Black Christmas.

Black Christmas

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